On Friday 1 June, 2018, the British Shuai Jiao Union (BSJU) formally withdrew as a member of the European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU). The BSJU has been dissolved as a national Shuai Jiao Union, in accordance with the constitution of the ESJU. All BSJU and ESJU activities have now ceased in the United Kingdom.

The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), the Government recognised Sport England National Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts, in the United Kingdom, has assumed responsibility for the promotion and development of Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao), under the newly formed Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Directorate.

The Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Director under the BCCMA is Master Robert Simpson, the former President of the BSJU and Secretary General of the ESJU.

The BCCMA will be updating their website shortly. For more information about Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) please visit the BCCMA website, in the future, as this website will be removed.

Please note that the BCCMA National Championships scheduled for Sunday 15 July, 2018, in Hatfield, is the official Team GB selection event for Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao). If you are interested in participating then please Register for the National Championships.

Those of you who are successful (place first or second) will be provided with details of the Team GB training schedule, which is usually the first Saturday of the month in Luton, Bedfordshire.